Visual Stories & Minutes

Visual stories and minutes

We live in a visual world where images illustrate our every waking moment. Evidence suggests we remember information if we see and read it.

Visual stories and graphic minutes are a great way to capture ideas, messages and actions. With a few drawings and words, I can convey complex ideas simply and accessibly to a wide audience. Working either live at events or from written documents or presentations I digest, listen and distil information into beautiful informative storyboards.

I have worked extensively with West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group illustrating innovate practises that ensure better patient outcomes. These illustrations have been used extensively to inspire and share learning across the NHS.
Working as the resident artist for Well NorthEnterprises CIC, a social business transforming communities, I draw the stories of how change happen in towns and cities. These have been used to inspire people to create their own ideas and solutions for their communities.