Social Art

As an artist, I’m passionate about the power of creativity to transform people and communities.

It’s exactly why I work across many different areas help people grow through creativity and achieve real breakthroughs.

On a personal level, I love to teach people to draw and paint. It’s why I still run art classes in my neighbourhood that anyone can join, because I believe that anyone can learn to draw.

In my art sessions, I lead people on a journey to rediscover ways of seeing and capturing visual experience, using different materials and expressions.

On another level I use creativity to create better outcomes for people and communities by blending artistic practice with creative leadership.

Much of this work is in partnership with Prospect Business Consulting, devising a series of creative skills workshops and tools for different audiences.

Social Art and Prospect

Our business partnership as Art Social and Prospect encourages people to be curious and use creativity as a tool for life.

Because it’s proven time and again that, in so many jobs and situations, good creative thinking gets greater results.

Based on this, we believe people and businesses can benefit by unlocking their creativity.

Because we believe creativity is for everyone.